Get YOUR share of the foreclosure money!


Your home sold at a foreclosure auction for more than what was owed to the bank.

Who should get the extra money?


We can tell you we have a reputation for excellence in the legal field. We can tell you more than 500 clients trusted us to get their money for them. We can tell you some of these clients had second mortgages, liens, and debts. We can tell you all of that but don't take our word for it. 

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Who do Arizonians Trust most to recover their



Credibility Comes From Results, Everything Else Is Just Marketing

~Richie Norton


Our contract clearly states we are paid ONLY if we are successful in getting your money for you. This means if we fail to recover your money for any reason - you won't owe us anything. You won't owe us for court costs or our time. You won't pay us a dime. And when we are successful in recovering your money for you, our fees are deducted from the money we have recovered for you. 

The Foreclosure is over. The good news is there was equity in the house... Money that is rightfully yours. Money that will help you rebuild your life. 

The Sterling Agency has recovered Foreclosure Funds for hundreds of people just like you. Now it's your turn.

The Sterling Agency

  • No Recovery, No Fees. And there are no upfront fees

  • Knowledgable, Professional Legal Staff who are happy to answer your questions

  • Foreclosure Funds aka Excess Proceeds

  • Junior Lien Holders and Second Mortgages

  • How Long Until You Get Your Money

  • ​How Much Are The Fees