Asset Recovery

Organizations holding your money (sometimes other assets) are not required to find you or tell you about it. We use proprietary software systems to find money and locate people who are entitled to receive the money. Sometimes the person entitled to money is deceased, and in these instances, the heirs/family members are entitled to receive the money.

Examples of the types of assets we recover for our clients include:

  • Outstanding payroll and vendor checks.

  • Matured certificates of deposit.

  • Savings and checking accounts.

  • Uncashed dividends.

  • Unclaimed securities.

  • Principal on debt.

  • Uncashed money orders, cashiers checks, travelers checks, and other official checks.

  • Unreturned and unused security deposits.

  • Accounts receivable credit balances and discounts due.

  • Escrow balances.

  • Property held by courts and other governmental entities.

  • Amounts due under terms of insurance policies.

If we have contacted you, it means we have reviewed your case, and we are confident in out ability to get the money for you. Once you retain our services, there is nothing else for you to do except sit back and allow us to recover your money. Our Agreements are Contingency Contracts, which means you do not pay us up front for our services. We are paid only when you receive your money. If we fail to get your money for any reason, you don't owe us anything. No Recovery, No Fee--that way you have nothing to risk and you only stand to gain.

The Sterling Agency has 30 years of asset recovery expertise. Put our experience to work for you.