Court Funds Recovery

People make payments to Courts for many reasons; fines, restitution, deposits, etc. On occasion, overpayments have been made or deposits weren't returned, and Courts do not make it easy for people to get their money back.

The Sterling Agency will petition the Court for the return of these funds to you. 

If we have contacted you, it means we have reviewed your case, and we are confident in out ability to get the money for you. Once you retain our services, there is nothing else for you to do except sit back and allow us to recover your money. Our Agreements are Contingency Contracts, which means you do not pay us up front for our services. We are paid only when you receive your money. If we fail to get your money for any reason, you don't owe us anything. No Recovery, No Fee--that way you have nothing to risk and you only stand to gain.

The Sterling Agency has 30 years of asset recovery sucess. Put our experience to work for you.